My Story 

Since you've taken the time to look around through my website, it would only be right for me to give a short back story of who I am, where I came from and how the hell does a kid who grew up in the flat lands of South Florida ends up climbing mountains.

My name is Brandon Arrastia..


Im 24 years old and grew up swimming and fishing in the beautiful beaches of Miami FL. Raised by cuban parents I had an amazing up bringing with caring and supportive mother and father. I played every sport there is to play and always enjoy the outdoors. In my middle school years I realized the everglades where out there just waiting for me to explore. So for the next decade of my life the everglades became my playground. I would go out with a few friends walk in waist deep swamp water looking for gators, camping and learning how to survive in the outdoors. We spent nights in hammocks, kayaking in the swamps getting home covered in mud from head to toe. We weren't interested in the mall or movie theaters, we where looking forward to being in the outdoors as often as possible seeking new adventures.

 In my high school years I took up scuba diving and spear fishing,  I was obsessed. No place felt more like home than the ocean. I spent a good chunk of my childhood in the sea. My dad was an avid boater and he had plenty of fishing obsessed friends that would let me tag along with them. Id constantly ask my dad to pull me out of school early to go out fishing. 


On my 18th birthday I was gifted a tandem skydive and it was an incredible experience, one I would seek to keep repeating. Given my hardcore attitude to do everything 100%, the next week I signed up for the advanced free fall course and in a matter of 2 weeks I had received my certification and had 7 solo jumps under my belt. In time I would get my A license and jump as often as I could. 

Performing a solo jump right after obtaining my A license

Performing a solo jump right after obtaining my A license

On one afternoon I decided to watch the 2015 Everest movie with my wife. Aside from the tragedies that take place with the disaster of 1996, just watching the beauty of the mountains and the camaraderie amongst the climbers really caught my attention. It seemed like the perfect form of adventure and I was instantly drawn in and thinking how I can make my way to the top of everest! I began reading every book I can get my hands on , watching every documentary I can find on youtube. Eventually I read "No Short Cuts to the Top" By Ed Veistures and got pointed in the direction in need to go in order to start my mountaineering journey. A few days later I booked a skills seminar with RMI to climb Mt. Rainier Via the Kautz. (Click here to read the article) From here on it was history. Ive tried climbing as often as I can, trying different gear, climbing in different seasons of the year and getting as much experience under my belt as possible. Now I'm preparing for my first trip to the Himalayas and will keep posing articles about my adventures and climbs along the way. 



During my journey my younger cousin passed away a few months before my trip to shasta. He died of a opioid overdose. It left my family and I destroyed. Ever since then I've partnered with a non profit organization to raise money for the opioid epidemic thats sweeping our nation. You can find out more by clicking here.


A few interesting things about me:

  • Im an avid reader ( I plan to own a library some day)

  • I had never been to a mountain prior to my Rainier summit.

  • My mountaineering goal is to climb all 8000m peaks

  • I'm looking to raise a $1,000,000 through my climbs for opioid addiction.



Every day an average of 150 people die in the US from opioid over doses. That Includes teens, adults, moms, dads and just about any one from any walk of life. We need all the help we can get to stop this epidemic before it gets worse. 100% of all donations made will be used by the HERO Foundation for the fight against addiction and to help those in need. 

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