When you are immersed in a mutli day climbing expedition, not only does your body get exhausted but so does the mind. As a matter of fact most climbers say 70% of the up hill battle is mental. that goes to say its just as important to train your body as it is to prepare the mind and there is no better way than to get some quality read in.

My Top Mountaineering Books

No Short Cuts to the Top 

by Ed Viestures

This is my all time favorite book, its the book that got me started and really opened up my eyes to the world of mountaineering. Ed is one hell of an adventurer and there is tons to learns from him in this book. He is not only one of the most accomplished but also one of the most calculated, smart and safe climbers out there. The guy has done it all and always maintained a wide margin of safety through out all his expeditions. He is definitely one to look up too and great book to read. 

Freedom of the hills 

Some call it the Bible of Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills has been for years the go to book for aspiring mountaineers. It contains a wealth of information on every aspect of climbing. Everything from nutrition to clothing. A must have for any aspiring climber. 

into thin air

By Jon Krakauer

This was the first mountaineering book I had ever read. It definitely gave me a good idea of how bad things can really go and thats considering how many very experienced climbers where present and died on the mountain in the great Everest disaster of 1996. Its a must read for every one interested in high altitude climbing. You need to understand the consequences of the sport and theres no better way to do that than to read the worst possible scenario. 

Training for the new alpinism

By Steve House|Scott Johnston

Now this is where it gets into the nitty gritty detail of training for the mountains. If you want to be the absolute best version of your self while going for the summit then you have to read this book! It is a lot of technical information but it breaks everything down from training to nutrition in a way that no other book does. 


By Maurice Herzog

This was the book that got Ed Viestures started and so I figured I had to read it, and what a read it is. It is a true story of adventure, team work, camaraderie, hardship and success. This is the story of the first successful ascent of an 8000 meter peak and no one tells it better than Maurice Herzog him self. 



By Alfred Lansing

Ernest Shackleton is a legend. This is the only non mountaineering book I'm listing here but it should be in your list of books to read. It is an amazing story of how Shackleton and his crew survived roughly 2 years stranded in the arctic, in the worst possible conditions imaginable. How they kept their sanity, worked together and ultimately strived in front of terribly hostile conditions that would of certainly have broken most other people. 

My Top Personal Development Books

My Top Business Books

email me at info@brandonclimbs if there is any book you think deserve a place on this list. Im an avid reader and im always open to new suggestions!



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