Giving my passion a purpose....

My passion for the mountains was recently given a purpose with the death of my younger cousin. As I learned how opioids took his life and left my family in tears, I took to my self to find a way to contribute to the fight against the growing drug epidemic that is destroying our country...


My Climbing Tips

training for the peaks

How my training has evolved through trial and error to position my self for the best chances of success on the mountains. A quality training program will do a lot to prepare you for the challenges that await. 

reading for knowledge

Stocking up your personal library with great books in specific topics will deepen your knowledge for a better understanding of what the mountains and the outdoors has to offer and how to best prepare. Find out my top picks for great outdoor and mountaineering books!

getting started

New to mountaineering? Ill give you my tips and advice on where to start and answer all your questions on gear and beginner climbs. 


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contribute to the fight against the opioid crisis

Every day an average of 150 people die in the US from opioid over doses. That Includes teens, adults, moms, dads and just about any one from any walk of life. We need all the help we can get to stop this epidemic before it gets worse. 100% of all donations made will be used by the HERO Foundation for the fight against addiction and to help those in need. 

Click below to donate(on the donation form please leave a comment indicated you have donated through the brandon climbs website):