Contact for Expeditions

If you are interested in joining in me for an expedition, in the news section I will be posting all my upcoming trips. I always climb with a certified guide and I'm always looking for new people to share my adventures with. Also if you are an experienced climber, are planning an expedition and looking for climbers to join your team, please feel free to contact me.


Climbing is an expensive sport, all the money that is raised for the opioid cause goes straight to the foundation. That being said I fund all my trips out of pocket and things do get pricey. Sponsorships in the form of clothing, equipment and social media marketing for my Opioid Awareness campaign are all welcomed. 

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

At the end of the day the important thing here is to bring the fight to the Opioid crisis and stop it before it gets any worse. Anyone willing on joining my campaign to raise money for the cause, feel free to contact me and we can brainstorm on more ways to tackle this issue. 

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