My Journey to my first 100 mile ultra marathon

Against what most people would advise one to do, I decided to go from never running a 5k to signing up for a 100 mile ultra marathon with 6 months to train. Yes, it does sound crazy even to me. But before I allow you to make all these assumptions on how its impossible and how I will likely get injured and not finish the race, let me start by saying that I have ran (excuse the pun) through every possible outcome in my mind and I’m willing on doing anything and everything in my power to cross that finish line before the 32-hour deadline is up. I might be crawling on all fours or log rolling my way through the last mile but I have no intention on quitting. Throughout my life being persistent and maybe even a bit ignorant has allowed to do things I otherwise didn’t think I was capable of doing. Now for the next 26 weeks I will push my body in ways id never done before to try and be as ready as possible for the Keys 100 Ultra marathon on May 18, 2019. Every week I will be updating this article to give an over view of exactly how my training is going, what I did right, what went wrong and how I intend to be better for the upcoming week of training.


During my training from February 21 to March 11 I will be flying to Kathmandu to climb Imja Tse in the Himalayas. This will require me to take trail shoes with me in order to continue my training while on the mountains. I can only hope, this wont be too much of an impediment on my training for the ultra. I did figure however that if im training to run 100 miles I will be in excellent shape for the mountains!


Stay tuned as I update you on my progress week to week!

Week 1, Nov 18  


For my first week I figured I would stick to my typical mountain training volume and run around 20 miles in the week while attending cross fit 5 days. This worked out pretty well and I felt good for most of the runs. It was also my second time ever running 10 miles and I felt great. None of the runs where at neck breaking speed but nonetheless it was good work. I really spent a lot of time googling and reading up on what it takes to run an ultra marathon. Theres not much concrete info out there about training , nutrition and hydration. Much of what they tell you is that you have to try what works best for you. Being that i’m on limited time training for this event I find this increasingly frustrating. That being said i’m going to begin experimenting with different hydration methods throughout my runs to see if I notice any difference.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.50.40 PM.png

Week 2, Nov 25


This week I kept my training volume more or less the same and added one more day of runnting. Overall I felt good and had no signs of tightness or anything that might hinder my training going forward. I also continued with cross fit since my schedule wasn’t busy to the point where I couldn’t fit it in. On a side note, part of the inspiration to run a 100 mile ultra came from listening too and reading David Goggins book as well as reading on Cam Hanes. Both badass dudes who push themselves to the very limits of whats humanly possible. I said “if they can do it, then I can aspire to be like them or even beat them!” and so I signed up for this race to see how far i’m willing on pushing myself in order to find out how much I really have in me. Im sure the months leading up to the race will test my mental toughness, dedication and dicipline like never before. 

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Week 3, Dec 2

This week I decided to begin pushing my training. My mind set going into this race was to put in 120% effort to maximize my chances of performing well on the 100 miler. Being that i’ve never participated in a race before, I didn’t understand the concept of building up progressively. I took it a bit too far and it led to an injury. After a hard 5 mile run with negative splits on Thursday I woke up Friday with some soreness on my left heel. Friday I decided to try and go for a light 3.6 mile run and that just made it way worst and sidelined me till Sunday. Turns out I got Achilles tendonitis on my left foot and wasn’t able to complete my intended training schedule. What a way to start my training!

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Week 4, Dec 9

After taking off Saturday and Sunday in hopes my achilles would be good after a couple days rest, I decided to give it a go and try a run on Monday. Unfortunately about a 100 yards into my run, the pain in my achilles just kept intensifying. At that point I figured i’m going to be side lined for sometime. I spent the rest of the week stretching and foam rolling my calves.

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