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Journey to 100

May 18,2019 I will be participating in my first ever 100 Mile Ultra marathon. Having never competed in any kind of race (Marathon, 5k ect.) this seems like a huge under taking and with less than 5 months to go, there is little time to waste. I will be chronicling my entire journey from training volume and injuries to nutrition and hydration in a series of videos and articles. My goal is to use my experience as a guide for others who are considering taking on a similar challenge and don’t know where to start or are intimidated by the immensity of the task. A lot of times we see these super athletes achieving amazing feats that seem to be reserved for only those born genetically gifted. My goal is to show how a regular guy who works a full time job and doesn’t have all day to train and rest, can tackle this challenge one day at a time and ultimately complete a 100 mile race before the 32 hour cut off time. I firmly believe that with the right mind set, dedication and work ethic any thing is possible. I don’t set any limits for my self and I wish the same for you. As always, aside from completing the race my main goal is to raise money for the HERO Foundation. The Heroin epidemic that is plaguing our country has been getting worst and worst every year and affecting those closest to us. Click below to read my article with updates and news about my Journey to 100!

giving my passion a purpose.

My passion for the mountains was recently given a purpose with the death of my younger cousin. As I learned how opioids took his life and left my family in tears, I took to my self to find a way to contribute to the fight against the growing drug epidemic that is destroying our country. by using my passion of the outdoors, i have partnered with a non profit organization that its sole purpose is to lobby and fight anything and everything that stands in the way of those in need and sobriety. now more than ever we need to pay attention to those around us, this opioid problem is growing every day and might be affecting someone close to you...





pictures from recent adventures